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Friday, 7 November 2014

Web Scraping Popularity Soars

The world is stirred because of the ever-growing web scraping success in almost all of its services. Success stories pertaining to the benefits of online data collection in business, research, politics, health, and almost all aspects of human life are endless. With this popularity surge, it has become a hot issue and many are questioning its legality and reliability.

Looking back, this simple harvesting of pertinent data from competitors and the global market in general like anything else started as a non-threatening and advanced form of web research. Eventually, when the benefits begin to manifest and the system improves, many are lured into it that it has become one of the strongest and fastest growing business in the world.

Simple Beginnings
As naturally as a law of life that great things come from small beginnings, data mining was conceived as a process in gaining information, mostly in research. This act of collecting information through the internet was never imagined to be what it has become nowadays.


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