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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Catching Online Content Scrapers

Content scrapers are all over the Internet. They steal your content and use them for their own blogs without your permission. Some scrapers merely copy the content from your blog but many take content and present it as new.

It is very disconcerting to see your content appear, word for word, on someone else's website and you know that you had absolutely nothing to do with that (aside from actually writing the content) and you certainly did not give your permission to anyone to use your content without the proper (or any) attribution for you. On the other hand, however, if a person doesn't change your article and gives you credit and links back to your original article, that is okay.

Catching content scrapers in the act

Most likely, you don't even know where to begin when it comes to figuring out exactly who is stealing your content. There are several websites that will help you to reveal exactly who is doing you wrong.

Copyscape: Copyscape is a search engine in which you can put the full URL of where your content lives and it will let you know if and where there are duplicates. Copyscape has a search function that won't cost you anything. If you prefer their premium service, it will allow you to check up to 10,000 pages.

WordPress trackbacks: You can see when someone includes your content in their blogs. If they don't change the article and give you the credit and link to the original article, that is fine. This is not scraping. If the person puts their noame on your article, it can be considered plagiarism.

Webmaster Tools: If you go to Webmaster Tools, click on "Look Under Your site on the Web" and then click on "Links to Your Site," columns will appear with linked pages. From this, you can see that websites that aren't social media websites, social bookmarking websites or loyal fans and that link to a large number of your posts is very possibly a content scraper. If you want to verify this, you should go to those particular websites. In order to do that, you should click on any of the domains to be able to see the details of specifically which pages on your websites they are connecting with.

Using Google Alerts: If you don't happen to post a high volume of content and you aren't interested in paying attention to who and how many times your business is mentioned, you can create a Google Alert that matches the titles of your posts verbatim. You do this by putting quotation marks around the titles. You can set it up so that they come to you automatically every day.

Once you have established that your content is being scraped: Once you have figured out that your content is being scraped, you can get credit for your posts that have been scraped. If you use WordPress, you can try the RSS footer plugin, which will let you put your text (or at least a portion of it) at the top or bottom of the RSS feed. An attribution line will appear with your title, you as the author and a list of social media channels where people can connect with you. This is an excellent way to counteract the fact that your content is being stolen and still get something for your business. That scenario is a lot better than you just being a sitting duck and scrapers coming along and taking from you whatever they wish to take.

Putting a stop to content scrapers

If other people stealing (or scraping) your content is abhorrent to you, there are a few effective things that you can do to combat it. The first thing that you can do is to communicate with the website that is stealing from you and basically give them a cease and desist order. You can communicate through a contact form on their website, if they have one or you can send an Email, if there is an available Email address. If there is no contact form on the website, you can go to Whois Lookup and find out who owns that particular domain. If you find that it isn't registered privately, you should at least be able to find an Email address of the administrator. There are ways of finding out the information that you need in order to make contact. Another thing that you can do is to visit the DMCA and click on their "takedown services," which will allow you to eliminate anyone whom is stealing your content.


Content scraping is highly unethical but it is done all of the time. Not everyone is as adept as others at producing large quantities of content. That is when the content scrapers get creative. If they aren't capable of writing the content themselves, they will just take what they want from other people. As a genuine, hardworking content writer, you have a right to protect yourself and your business's interests. You fight back in whatever way you feel you must. Content scraping is very easy to do but it isn't about it being easy. It is about doing the right thing. There are many available tools to help you determine if your content is being stolen. It behooves you to make full use of them.

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Carolyn T. Cohn is the Chief Editor of CompuKol Communications. Mrs. Cohn has a wealth of experience in managing people and projects. She has run several editorial departments for various companies. Mrs. Cohn has 25 years of editorial experience and her expertise covers a wide range of media, such as online editing, editing books, journal articles, abstracts, and promotional and educational materials. Throughout her career, Mrs. Cohn has established and maintained strong relationships with professionals from a wide range of companies. The principle that governs her work is that all words need to be edited.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

How to Take Advantage of Content Scrapers

This is our approach of dealing with content scrapers, and it turns out quite well. It helps our SEO as well as help us make extra bucks. Majority of the scrapers use your RSS Feed to steal your content. So these are some of the things that you can do:

•    Internal Linking – You need to interlink the CRAP out of your posts. With the Internal Linking Feature in WordPress 3.1, it is now easier than ever. When you have internal links in your article, it helps you increase pageviews and reduce bounce rate on your own site. Secondly, it gets you backlinks from the people who are stealing your content. Lastly, it allows you to steal their audience. If you are a talented blogger, then you understand the art of internal linking. You have to place your links on interesting keywords. Make it tempting for the user to click it. If you do that, then the scraper’s audience will too click on it. Just like that, you took a visitor from their site and brought them back to where they should have been in the first place.

•    Auto Link Keywords with Affiliate Links – There are few plugins like Ninja Affiliate and SEO Smart Links that will automatically replace assigned keywords with affiliate links. For example: HostGator, StudioPress, MaxCDN, Gravity Forms << These all will be auto-replaced with affiliate links when this post goes live.

•    Get Creative with RSS Footer – You can either use the RSS Footer or WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin to add custom items to your RSS Footer. You can add just about anything you want here. We know some people who like to promote their own products to their RSS readers. So they will add banners. Guess what, now those banners will appear on these scraper’s website as well. In our case, we always add a little disclaimer at the bottom of our posts in our RSS feeds. It simply reads like “How to Put Your WordPress Site in Read Only State for Site Migrations and Maintenance is a post from: WPBeginner which is not allowed to be copied on other sites.” By doing this, we get a backlink to the original article from scraper’s site which lets google and other search engines know we are authority. It also lets their users know that the site is stealing our content. If you are good with codes, then you can totally get nuts. Such as adding related posts just for your RSS readers, and bunch of other stuff. Check out our guide t
o completely manipulating your WordPress RSS feed.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Data Mining Is Useful for Business Application and Market Research Services

One day of data mining is an important tool in a market for modern business and market research to transform data into an information system advantage. Most companies in India that offers a complete solution and services for these services. The extraction or to provide companies with important information for analysis and research.

These services are primarily today by companies because the firm body search of all trade associations, retail, financial or market, the institute and the government needs a large amount of information for their development of market research. This service allows you to receive all types of information when needed. With this method, you simply remove your name and information filter.

This service is of great importance, because their applications to help businesses understand that it can perform actions and consumer buying trends and industry analysis, etc. There are business applications use these services:

1) Research Services
2) consumption behavior
3) E-commerce
4) Direct marketing
5) financial services and
6) customer relationship management, etc.

Benefits of Data mining services in Business

• Understand the customer need for better decision
• Generate more business
• Target the Relevant Market.
• Risk free outsourcing experience
• Provide data access to business analysts
• Help to minimize risk and improve ROI.
• Improve profitability by detect unusual pattern in sales, claims, transactions
• Major decrease in Direct Marketing expenses

Understanding the customer's need for a better fit to generate more business target market.To provide risk-free outsourcing experience data access for business analysts to minimize risk and improve return on investment.

The use of these services in the area to help ensure that the data more relevant to business applications. The different types of text mining such as mining, web mining, relational databases, data mining, graphics, audio and video industry, which all used in enterprise applications.

In this Article Author wants to tell about Data mining services and how data mining is helpful in Market Research Services.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Data Mining - Techniques and Process of Data Mining

Data mining as the name suggest is extracting informative data from a huge source of information. It is like segregating a drop from the ocean. Here a drop is the most important information essential for your business, and the ocean is the huge database built up by you.

Recognized in Business

Businesses have become too creative, by coming up with new patterns and trends and of behavior through data mining techniques or automated statistical analysis. Once the desired information is found from the huge database it could be used for various applications. If you want to get involved into other functions of your business you should take help of professional data mining services available in the industry

Data Collection

Data collection is the first step required towards a constructive data-mining program. Almost all businesses require collecting data. It is the process of finding important data essential for your business, filtering and preparing it for a data mining outsourcing process. For those who are already have experience to track customer data in a database management system, have probably achieved their destination.

Algorithm selection

You may select one or more data mining algorithms to resolve your problem. You already have database. You may experiment using several techniques. Your selection of algorithm depends upon the problem that you are want to resolve, the data collected, as well as the tools you possess.

Regression Technique

The most well-know and the oldest statistical technique utilized for data mining is regression. Using a numerical dataset, it then further develops a mathematical formula applicable to the data. Here taking your new data use it into existing mathematical formula developed by you and you will get a prediction of future behavior. Now knowing the use is not enough. You will have to learn about its limitations associated with it. This technique works best with continuous quantitative data as age, speed or weight. While working on categorical data as gender, name or color, where order is not significant it better to use another suitable technique.

Classification Technique

There is another technique, called classification analysis technique which is suitable for both, categorical data as well as a mix of categorical and numeric data. Compared to regression technique, classification technique can process a broader range of data, and therefore is popular. Here one can easily interpret output. Here you will get a decision tree requiring a series of binary decisions.

Our best wishes are with you for your endeavors.


Monday, 5 January 2015

Excellent Data Scraping Services Of Datascrapingservices.us

Data Scraping is a process in which different web sites or other sources to gather relevant information. Data Scraping services to gather important information to organizations that helped a lot of decisions and marketing strategies to help. Data Scraping services, even the companies that want a database of important information to help develop.

By applying Data Scraping services to organizations to increase profits, reduce risks and are able to identify scams. All important information you need to develop a database, Data Scraping can be very useful for you. It is a known fact that the most popular Internet tool is used to collect data, but it can be a time consuming task.

It is better for Data Scraping services, which vary according to your needs and all types of websites can collect data for any assignment. Bespoke web Data Scraping, data extraction services to various organizations are known as the offered services. You only company offering quality web services for data extraction should be carried out under the ethical approach.

Data Scraping Services can be defined as the process of retrieving data from a different source processes unstructured or store. Data extraction is very useful for large organizations that manage large amounts of data on a daily basis to be converted into information and stored for later use. Data extraction is a systematic way to extract and organize data from distributed and semi-structured electronic documents available online and in stores different data.

In business world today, very competitive, critical information, such as statistics on the number of customers and competitors use sales between the companies play an important role in policymaking. By signing the provider of Data Scraping, you can access data critical various sources, including websites, databases, images and documents.

We also provide Web data extraction services to retrieve data from web pages are included in the process involved. Web pages, HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, etc., for different languages, such as data from web pages are designed using scraps, all according to an API that is designed to extract data from web sites need help.

Web data extraction services relevant to the extent the research, and research companies have become the main activity of this day. The need for new companies to implement policies and strategies to stay informed with changing trends occur. The only possible efficient data extraction is done on a regular basis.

Data scraping can help you make strategic decisions that shape their business objectives. If your customer information and nuggets, the activities of its jurisdiction and determine the performance of your organization, it is very important information on hand at any time.

Scrape data from the software using the website is the proven process of extracting data from the web. The retrieved data for the world according to the wishes of all the important information such as the Internet can be used in various industries. We offer the best web software for data extraction. We have expertise and Web mining, the end view of knowledge, end screen, emails services, Data Scraping to extract capture the Internet.

So, whether you need to extract or scrape or want to mining text, images or any kind of data, you can rely on professional data extraction services provider, www.datascrapingservices.us for all your data mining and web data extracting and website data scraping requirements.