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Monday, 10 November 2014

Web Scraping: Business Intelligence

Web scraping is simply getting of information that is both hidden and unhidden from the internet. Web scraping is one of the latest technologies used in harvesting data from WebPages. It has been used to extract useful information for practical and beneficial applications and its interpretation has been tested in decision making. Web scraping is a new term that overshadows the traditional data harvesting technique that was used before. It has been regarded as knowledge discovery in databases for research and even marketing monitoring.

This article explores the various business intelligence ways in which web scraping can be used to be of importance.

Web scraping services has been used by many companies that have a strong customer focus. These companies range from sectors like retail, financial services, and marketing and communication organizations. It quite important to realize that web scraping has great signifies and impact in the varied commercial applications for the better understanding and prediction of the critical data. The data may range from stocks to consumer behaviors. The consumer behaviors are better shown in trends like customer profiles, purchasing and industry analysis among others.


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